April 8th, 2018 update:  Vieques is welcoming tourists and would love to have you enjoy its natural beauty while supporting the local restaurants, bars and shops.  We have reduced our prices for the next few months to help get Vieques fully back on it's feet.  While many of the beaches, restaurants and shops have reopened, please keep in mind that some places still have power outages at times, and not all services are 100% restored.

Oreanda is officially running on solar power!  Our system is installed with Tesla batteries and the set up is working great.  We also just resurfaced the pool and it is looking fabulous!  Help Vieques fully recover from Hurricane Maria!  

What is the status of Vieques after Hurricane Maria?

How do we get to Vieques?

We recommend flying to the island from mainland Puerto Rico as the ferry can be unreliable and we want guests to have a smooth vacation.  Most travelers fly into San Juan International (SJU) and there are two main airlines that fly direct from SJU to Vieques - Cape Air and Vieques Air Link / Seaborne Airlines.   There is another airport in Isla Grande that offers cheaper flights, and another in Ceiba that offers the cheapest flights.   However these airports require a bit of travel by cab from the SJU airport.   We can help you decide which option is best for you.  

Should we rent a vehicle?

For anyone visiting Vieques we do highly recommend getting a Jeep or SUV to get to the most amazing beaches on the island - many of which you cannot access without a vehicle.  Cars have a tendency to sell out in advance, so we encourage getting one reserved well in advance of your vacation.  We can connect you with the best rental options on the island.

Do you provide airport/ferry pickup?

We do!  We pick up all guests when they arrive in Vieques, take them to their rental car, and then show them to Oreanda to get settled in.

Our flight arrives late and we can't pick up our vehicle until the next day.  What should we do?

Just let us know.  We can still pick you up from the airport or ferry and take you to Oreanda.  There are cabs around the island, so you'll be set for the night, and then we can help you get a cab set up for the next day to pick up your car.

What payment methods do you accept?

If you rent through AirBnB, you can use a credit card through their payment system.  If you rent directly through us, we accept personal checks (either mailed to us or brought with you to Oreanda), or PayPal.  With PayPal, there is a 3% transaction fee, but it is an easy and secure way to pay.

Where can we find a calendar of your availability?

Check out our availability by clicking on the links:

Do you have wi-fi?

Many of our guests love coming to Oreanda to just unplug, but we also realize the convenience of being connected, so we do offer wi-fi with access at the pool deck and Casa Limon.  There are also some cafes around Vieques where you can connect when you're out exploring the island.  Also, 3G/4G data/cell phone coverage is generally very good for AT&T, and ok but can be spotty for Verizon and Sprint.  But iPhone and Blackberry addicts, be warned - Vieques is a pretty magical place and you may leave the island realizing you never once checked your phone!

Do you have air conditioning?

Please note electricity is a very valuable resource on the island and we try to take an eco-friendly approach when we can.  We do not have air conditioning, but the tradewinds and high efficiency fans in the houses help keep the air moving.  It is not uncommon to need a sheet or light blanket while sleeping at night.

Do you provide daily housekeeping?

Daily housekeeping and room service are not provided.  Courteous attention to the guests' needs or requests will be provided.

Do we need to bring towels?

No need!  We provide shower towels, beach towels, linens, beach chairs and a small cooler.

What is a great way to spend the first night to get settled, some food in our bellies and some beverages in hand?

We recommend stopping by the La Tienda Verde (the Green Store) to pick up some essentials, like some Medallas (local beer), spirits, snacks and sunscreen.  Get settled in and enjoy a happy hour by the pool to watch the sunset, then head to Esperanza for a good dinner at some easygoing spots - we recommend Duffy's or Bili as a good first night option.

Are children allowed to stay at Oreanda?

At this time, children under the age of 18 are not permitted to stay at Oreanda when renting just one of the casas.  However, if you are renting the Entire Property, we do welcome children to accommodate families visiting the island.